FREE WEB PAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My world seems weird to you I know, but you WILL get used to it

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A new world in computer design


Here at Agtard 1011 Web Productions We have one thing in mind..... Giving FREE web pages to the likes of ANYONE!!!!!! Sound strange? Well I guess you could say that it is. But what have you got to lose???????






It's simple, all you do is

  1. Send us an Email telling us that you are interested.
  2. Well send you one back to the get the information we need to begin the web page.

3. We Work on your web page until you say "publish it" and then we do just that, publish it.


If you would like to see a sample of an Agtard 1011 Web Productions Creation Click Below




That's right we build it, perfect it, and publish it absolutely FREE!!!!!!!!!

Of course there are limitations -

  1. The free charge only applies to two (2) web pages and all graphics and backgrounds are subject to availability
  2. After we finish the page(s) all updates (changes) will be $5.00 per page.
  3. Each additional page (after 2 pages) will be $10.00
  4. Web pages can take 2-6 weeks to produce.

*5. Since this is a free service all orders will be accepted (or denied) upon our discretion.




It's that easy!!!

Just click below to say "I'm ready" and we'll gladly start your page







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